Life Coaching


I’ve never seen Renee more motivated and energized in her life and work.  She is a Certified Life Coach with clients scattered across multiple continents.  Careers are being transformed.  Lives, families and ministries are coming into fruitful focus.  She’s running with this and feeling God’s pleasure in it.  But tinkering in others’ lives is Holy Spirit work.  So please pray that in Renee’s life coaching God will fill her with wisdom from above that yields lasting fruit. (James 3:16-17 & John 15:16)

Prayer Update:  Renee and I got sick in the midst of all these meetings over the last 3 weeks, so we coughed our way through the Board Chair Consultation.  I also felt quite unsure of how they would respond to my talk on Supernatural Conflict (walking through conflicts God’s way).  But it seems like His strength was expressed in the midst of our weaknesses and insecurities.  It was a good sign when several of the chairmen and their wives lingered on the last day saying how they now feel like family and were greatly helped.  Thanks for praying.