No Scrolls

No Scrolls.jpg

Jesus was an oral disciple-maker.  I’m pretty sure that He and the 12 were not carrying scrolls around Galilee.  He discipled them through telling stories and explaining Scriptures that they remembered and conveyed.  I have a persistent idea that today with 80% of the world being oral learners, coupled with the pervasive spread of learning through electronic technology, we need to capitalize on this to shape new easily reproducible ways of making disciples.  So, I’m going to the Lausanne International Orality Network meeting in Toronto this weekend to learn.  Please pray that God will take me beyond my own ideas to fill me with the knowledge of His will, with all spiritual wisdom and understanding.  (Colossians 1:9)


Prayer Update: Leadership resolve can be a beautiful thing.  I saw that beauty spreading and being sustained among our regional leaders these last few days.  It’s still fragile.  There are so many God-sized obstacles to be overcome.  But I feel like we’ve turned a corner, and we’re not turning back.  Thanks for praying.