Orthodox Disciples


I sat down for lunch with an Orthodox monk a few years ago, and before we even ordered he said, “I had some Navigators as roommates in college.  They did not know what to do with me, but I was quite impressed with them…. I know something about discipling young men, but do you think that The Navigators could help us to become more effective at winning ‘Joe Lunchbox’ (i.e. the unchurched) to Christ?”  That launched us in to a friendship that continues to bear fruit.
About that same time the Lausanne Orthodox Initiative was launched to explore how Protestant and Orthodox believers could learn from one another and better partner for the progress of the Gospel, particularly in parts of the world like Russia, Ethiopia, Egypt or Serbia where the Orthodox Church is dominant.   As a result of all this, this week I’ll be speaking on discipleship at the annual meeting of the Lausanne Orthodox Initiative.  Please pray that God will put His words on my lips.  (Ephesians 6:19)
Prayer Update:  Imagine walking into a weekend with a few new friends and hearing this from them: “If you are not encouraged and enabled at the end of our weekend together, then we have failed.” I instantly knew that the new group of friends and partners that we met 2 weeks ago was different in the best way.  These are busy people, but they had come to serve.  And they succeeded.  Thanks for praying for that weekend!