We Navigators have tended to have a “wind them up and let them go” attitude toward those we disciple.  To fulfill our calling to live and disciple among the lost for a lifetime, we need to help the fruit of our ministry do that together.  The enemy opposes this also, so we need local scrums.  The Holy Spirit is leading many Navigator leaders around the world to lead into what it takes to help the fruit of our ministry to live and disciple together among the lost in their local family and relational networks. 

As we lead into this this summer, please pray that God will show us how help the fruit of our ministries to strive together for the faith of the Gospel in their local contexts.  (Philippians 1:27)

Prayer Update:  Some missed this update from Mozambique in my June 15 memo: Nicole Lorelei, Herb, and their children and team have safely evacuated from Mozambique to South Africa.  Pray for supernatural enabling grace and peace as they figure out how to carry on their missionary training in an entirely new and unexpected context.  Please also continue to pray for the local team and nationals who remain in Mozambique in a dangerous but ripe situation.