On the wall facing my desk at home there is a famous photo of lighthouse about to be engulfed by towering waves.  But it stands firm, a beacon in the darkness.  That is a vivid glimpse of what it can be like to lead a missional enterprise in the Middle East.  Later this week, in another Middle Eastern Country where I’ve just arrived, I will have the privilege of teaching approximately 50 Arabs about advancing the Gospel as they lead their businesses.  They face the same issues that business people face everywhere as they try to make disciples and make money and make a difference.  I feel so inadequate, but my adequacy is in Christ.  Please pray that through this gathering the light of Christ will shine even more brightly from these missional enterprises across the Middle East.  (Matthew 5:14-16). 
Prayer Update:   As we were saying goodbye to key couples in the last two cities we visited, over and over they said, “We are so encouraged!”  One team has just come out of a crisis that nearly wrecked their team.  Another is facing overwhelming financial, spiritual and relational challenges.  But through our visit somehow the Holy Spirit en-COURAGED them.  Thanks for praying!