Grief Doesn't Sell

DWTP Book Cover.jpg

“Grief doesn’t sell.”  That’s what a fellow author told me when we first published Don’t Waste the Pain: Learning to Grow Through Suffering in 2010.  He was right.  NavPress did eventually sell 5,000 copies, but they weren’t selling fast enough to be profitable, so it went out of print.  However, 8 years later I’m still being asked to speak on pain, and people keep asking for the book.  We finally ran out this year, so I’ve written an epilogue and republished the book through Amazon’s publishing-on-demand service, which prints one copy for each order.  The first copy is on my desk in front of me!  You can order your own copy through the link on our website:  We’ll also be publishing an e-book version soon.  Please pray that God will continue to use our book to help many more to learn to grow through their suffering.  (James 1:2-4)