More and more Navigators, especially younger ones, are asking hard questions about the role of authentic disciples of Jesus in addressing injustice in society around us.  Jesus addressed injustice, as did the Law and the prophets.  What about us?  For several years I’ve been working with a diverse international group of Navigators who are deeply involved in responding to poverty, corruption and injustice. 


But we’ve mainly addressed poverty.  Next Monday – Wednesday, we intend to wade into the deeper waters of our role in addressing some roots of poverty: corruption and injustice.  We have more questions than answers!  We need wisdom from above!  And in James 1:5-7 and 3:13-18 God promises to provide all the wisdom we need.  So, please pray that God will fill us the wisdom that we need as we face these controversial and important questions.

Prayer Update:  The Lord clearly led 60 of our Latin American ministry leaders to unanimously choose Brazilians Roberto and Rosana Blauth to lead their region.  There were several viable candidates who could have led well and vigorous support for each, but one by one God led them to withdraw and turn their support to Roberto.  Humility and love among strong leaders are beautiful things to behold.  Then over the next two days together God gave them consensus regarding strategic direction for the years ahead.  Thank you for praying!