Loving LGBT+ Friends


One of the rising challenges for the people of God today is how to love LGBT+ friends, acquaintances and members of our communities well.  Broken people found it easy to experience Jesus as their friend.  This made religious people uncomfortable.  How did Jesus do that while maintaining perfect holiness?  How can we be the presence of Jesus in our society today? 
Our team will have our quarterly meeting over the next week, and these questions will be first on our agenda.  Please pray that God will fill us with wisdom from above as described in James 3:13-18.  In James 1:5 He promised to give it!
Prayer Update:   God’s presence was evident during our NavWorld conference focused on what God is doing among people in the world’s second largest major religion.  There were tears.  There were hard questions.  You can hear my closing message at this link: How Is Your Faith NavWorld 2017.  Sensitive material has been removed from the recording.