Today we will be joined by the rest of our Country Leaders from around the region. Another meeting?  The New Testament is full of significant meetings where fellow workers came together to encourage one another, learn from one another, and make important decisions. There was often much discussion and debate, then Spirit-led agreement. Please pray that God will bless this huddle of field leaders the way He blessed the Acts 15 gathering: “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us…” so that their other fellow workers were “encouraged and strengthened.” 

Prayer Update: It was inspiring for us to participate in the first meeting of our first primarily Arab regional leadership team.  Every meeting was primarily in Arabic with translation to English for 3 of us. Half of the whiteboard was Arabic, and half English.  They coalesced into a team of fellow workers with a shared heart and purpose as they spurred one another on in fierce faith, passionate prayer and clear strategic thinking.