Leading Change


Every day I’m desperate for God to do what He does.  So every time you pray for us is a priceless gift to a desperate man!
Several years ago the Lord prompted us to begin helping to lead a change in The Navigators, to see all Navigators embrace responding to poverty, corruption and injustice as integral to our Navigator calling.  Change is normally an uncomfortable step into areas where we are uncomfortable and feel incompetent. However, this change has gotten traction.  Now we’re learning how substantial change requires relentless focus.  This August 15-17 I’ll be in Ethiopia with several of the catalytic leaders of this change, to discuss what’s next.  Please pray that God will lead us down paths we do not yet know.  (Isaiah 42:16)

Family update:  These last few weeks we’ve welcomed 2 new grandchildren into the world, and took some time for a vacation.  Actually, we took a “stay-cation” right here in Colorado Springs.  We travel so much, so staying was more attractive than going.  If you’d enjoy a rare look at Lyons resting, you might enjoy this short video: Lyons Staycation.  It may take a few seconds to load!