Disciple-Making Churches


Most Navigator disciples end up pursuing our Calling in the context of traditional local churches.  Some end up starting new churches in various contexts where that is what is needed for the progress of the Gospel.  You can learn more about the various ways that Navigator disciples pursue our calling with local churches in this 8-minute video: Navigator Disciples & Local Churches
Other Navigators specialize in helping traditional local churches become truly disciple-making local churches.  We have a couple of hundred Navigator staff who specialize in that.  Over the next year we’ll be taking a fresh look at how to help those staff to strengthen and encourage one another in building disciple-making churches.  I’m overseeing that process, and this Friday we will launch the process with a handful of international leaders who have this on their hearts.  Please pray that God will lead us forward in His paths, as in Psalm 25:4-5.
Prayer update:  Our third gathering for emerging international Navigator leaders was a joy.  One leader said that he’s leaving with new heroes (his peers).  Others spoke of being inspired to lead from the Scriptures, rather than from mere strategies and good ideas.  All of us were deeply impacted by observing our ministries among the poor in Manila.  You can get a three-minute glimpse of the experience at:
Manila Gathering.