New Paths


All over the world Navigators are helping local churches make disciples effectively.  This is a special kind of Navigator ministry, and those who serve in this way need special encouragement and opportunities to learn from one another.  This calls for networking.  As computer network engineers may tell you, networking can be complicated.  Several of those who have been facilitating the international networking and resourcing of Navigator Church Ministries are now retiring.  We need some new pathways and new people to lead the way in this.  Please pray that God will show us His new paths as I meet with some of the current leaders in London on February 23-25.  (Psalm 25:4-5)
Prayer update:   I shared with my wife and some of my colleagues a strong reluctance to participate in the Board Chair Consultation last week.  But friends like you were praying for me, and each day I found the will to go and to give my best.  So I was surprised at the end to hear two participants tell others that their time with me was the highlight of their experience.  That sort of thing encourages me to follow His lead rather than my feelings.