About this time last year, I looked at my calendar for 2016 and felt like the guy who came to the end of the buffet line realizing that somehow he had heaped two plates to overflowing.  I had overloaded my travel schedule.  You might have noticed!  When I came home from this last trip I was not just tired, I was weary.  Please pray that I will experience Isaiah 40:28-31 during these next six weeks at home.  “He gives strength to the weary… those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength…” 
Prayer update:  During our week of tackling sticky situations, time and again my teammates and I looked at one another and thought, “That went easier than I thought it might!”  God gave us wisdom from above and oneness of heart and a mind again and again.  Today 3 of my teammates (Mutua, Mike & Alan) are flying to meet up with about a dozen of our new country leaders to spend a week equipping them for their new role.  Please pray Isaiah 40:28-31 for them too!

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