An Affair of the Heart

As we begin 2016, I encourage you to take 10 minutes to watch a radiant 74 year-old saint share refined gold that can change your year, and change your life.  Click on this link then scroll down for the video: An Affair of The Heart.  Her story moves me deeply.  I hope that you treasure it as much as I do.  I hope that it shapes your year! 
Our two-week family gathering was wonderful, and God enabled me as a grandfather to swim in His grace pool.  If you’d like a glimpse, you can watch my video at Lyons Family Gathering
The response to our year-end financial appeal seems disappointing.  Few responded.  Many of those who did respond were not able to give as they’ve given in the past.  We are very grateful for what has come in.  But next week we’ll review my ministry travel schedule for 2016, to see what we can and cannot afford.  we’ll be praying about how else God may provide.