Navigators lead hundreds of missional enterprises around the world. Each aspires to make disciples, make money and make a difference in their context. (You can see more about these initiatives at www.globalenterprisenetwork.biz.)
As a Navigator author once wrote, “Many Aspire, But Few Attain.” That’s the challenge we’ll be facing with Navigator enterprise leaders from all over the world gathering in Bratislava, January 25-26. In view of Romans 15:5-6, please pray that God will give us one heart and mind regarding our next steps. And considering Philippians 1:6, please pray that He who began a good work in each of these enterprises will cause that work to flourish.
Answered Prayer: Over the last 6 years many of our friends have prayed with us for Michelle. Over the years we’ve been able to help her and her children to get off the street and a trailer and to build her little cleaning business. But spiritual breakthroughs have felt elusive, until last week. She agreed to study the Bible with Renee. Renee was anxious because Michelle’s brother was there, just out of prison with a history of violence. But Michelle already had her Bible out on the kitchen table when Renee arrived. It turns out that she’s been reading her bible daily, which is difficult for someone with just a 5th grade reading ability. She shared how she’s learned that she has to forgive someone who hurt her deeply, and showed Renee a letter of reconciliation that she had written. As they discussed John 1 Michelle’s eyes were big with wonder.  Now our eyes are big with wonder too!