Even Better

Renee and I have never been more in love. We are in a season of joy. It’s hard to believe, but we sense that God wants to make our marriage even better.  So, we are going to a marriage retreat for ministry leaders April 7-10.  Please pray that God will continue to lead us into what He describes in Song of Solomon 7:12, “Let us rise early and go to the vineyards; Let us see whether the pomegranates have bloomed. There I will give you my love.”
Prayer Update: Returning to the office has been a bit like jumping into the white water of the Arkansas River.  I’ve gone under a few times.  But on the whole I am very thankful for how the “reset” of sabbatical is enabling me to keep my head up with my eyes on Him and my heart tender before him, living in Psalm 123:2 and Hebrews 3:15.  I’m declaring this my year of sabbatical, with the rest of the year being an opportunity to enter God’s rest even when (especially when) God leads me in to whitewater.
Answered Prayer:  We have often asked you to pray for Michelle.  She’s been battling severe depression since giving up her baby for adoption.  But last week Renee felt invite her to a friend’s church, the one with the tattooed pastor and that meets in the bar that Michelle used to frequent.  A few days later Michelle texted Renee saying that she loves the church and the people, and will be taking her children back there!  This is huge, because she desperately needs a community of Christ followers where she feels at home.