Piercing The Darkness Vignette #3: Reclaiming What Was Stolen


Renee went to Fortaleza in late May to help our daughter, Nicole Lorelei, to welcome her 2nd child into the world.  On Renee's 2nd day there a drug addict from the neighborhood stood at the door screaming in terror.  Her name was Laticia.  Her friend, a transvestite, had attacked her with a broken bottle.  Renee could see him down the street, and Laticia was bleeding and held a bloody knife in her hand.  Herb and Nicole brought her in and prayed with her and invited her to turn from her sins.  If she would demonstrate that she was serious by returning at an appointed time they would help her.
Laticia did return at the appointed time.  She was born of the Spirit, and eventually moved in with Herb & Nicole and their team, to receive intensive 24/7 discipling.  She has now has been drug free for three months, and is preparing to move back into her apartment down the street.
But there was a problem.  Her apartment had been a crack house.  At her low point she had sold her metal door to get money for drugs.  Drug addicts had stolen everything, wrecked the place and covered it with graffiti.  Laticia told us how that transvestite had formally dedicated the place to evil spirits of prostitution.  The entrance was now nailed shut with old pieces of wood.  It was a deeply dark place, stolen by the destroyer.
Armed with paint and prayer my sons battled dark spirits and transformed that place.  And their wives painted a mural on the wall.  It features the words "loved" and "rescued" in Portuguese, and is a beautiful picture of a fresh planting of the Lord as described in the end of Isaiah 61.  It is a vivid picture of what God has done in Laticia's life.

Then about 15 of us gathered with Laticia to do a spiritual housecleaning.  She renounced the evil practices that had taken place there.  In Jesus' name we drove every evil spirit from that place and forbad them to return.  We filled the place with songs of praise.  We sealed the doors and windows with Jesus' blood, and anointed them with oil as we declared the Truth over her and her home.  We dedicated it as a place of light where she can raise her three children and serve others in the neighborhood.
Answer to Prayer:  You can see photos of reclaiming what was stolen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/100841267@N06/sets/72157635240617985/.  Thanks to my daughter (in law) Callie for taking most of our photos in Fortaleza!