Family Mission Trip

I prayed that other members of our family would be able to come alongside Herb and Nicole Lorelei to help in their ministry.  That became a reality as of August 12-25!  I was inspired, in part, by how in Romans 16 the apostle Paul mentioned six of his family members as fellow workers in the Gospel!  So I put the word out to our family, and was overwhelmed by the response!  We had 9 members of our family go to Fortaleza, Brazil August 12-25.  

We served in several ways:
1.    Encouraging, strengthening and discipling the 15+ young Brazilian and American apprentice missionaries that are now part of Herb & Nicole Lorelei’s resident team.  
2.    Serving the poor in the favela (slum) with them, visiting homes, putting on a love feast, and loving on them in every way we can.
3.    Building furniture for, and perhaps doing limited renovations in, their ministry base on the edge of the favela.
4.    Driving back the powerful forces of darkness at work in that city through on site prayer and worship.