4th and Goal

It's football season, and there are times when your team is down and you feel like your quarterback just has to throw a touchdown pass to win the game.  (Yes, I did just watch the Broncos win again.)  After talking with our daughter and son down in Fortaleza today, I have a similar feeling.  We really need God to come through in a big way in three areas:
1.     In spite of the fact that Laticia has continued backsliding into drugs, her baby girl was born yesterday, and she appears healthy.  Laticia has been showing some signs of turning from her sins.  The birth was caesarian, so she will be in bed for a week or two with no cocaine, and time to think.  Pray that she will come to her senses and escape from the snare of the devil.  (Pray 2 Timothy 2:24-26.)

2.     Their team has to move out of what has been their home and mission base this month.  They thought they had an option, but it just fell through.  I am praying that their current landlord would change her mind about trying to sell the house, and allow them to stay.  God says not to worry about tomorrow, but this is cutting it close!  (Pray Matthew 6:33-34.)

3.     Our son in law Herb has been invited to speak for a week at the Iris School of Missions in Mozambique in a few weeks.  All but $1500 has come in for them to go as a family, and they need the refreshment of a week with the team there.  I am praying that all their funds will all come in promptly.  (Pray Matthew 6:33-34 again.)

Prayer Request:  Tomorrow morning our team begins meeting for a week.  Please pray for wisdom from above as we make decisions that affect movements of the Gospel around the world.