A Feast of Mutual Encouragement

Renee and I just returned from Lebanon where we went to encourage leaders of our work there and across the region.  Every day brought a feast of mutual encouragement. 
We especially enjoyed hearing how the Gospel is on the move among Syrians.  Not long ago one of our people was distributing food and called out to the crowd, Have you heard of Isa al-Masih (Jesus Christ)?  One Muslim woman called out, He¹s the Savior of the world!  Now, in spite of active opposition, she is being equipped and at the center of a fresh movement of the Gospel in their camp. 
The dangers and pressures of life there wear down our laborers and leaders.  One leader who is gifted in evangelism asked us to pray for her faltering health.  We prayed, and she felt so much better that she asked me if I have the gift of healing! 
Pray, pray, pray for the people of Syria.